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No.4 Screw Kit, 50-sets
No.4 Screw Kit, 50-sets Quantity in Basket: None
Code: No4Kitx50
Price: $110.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
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This is a package of 50 sets of No.4 grip mounting kits, with fillister head slotted screw, brass ferrule, and brass press-in nut, in 4-40 thread.

Gunmakers, stockmakers, and others who make a large number of handgun grips can save money by purchasing sets of 50 kits rather than buying one or five sets at a time.

You should use a .248 to .251 inch diameter hole for the press fit nut and ferrule. Leave at least 0.025 inches of grip material in the mounting hole to prevent pulling through the grip when the screw is tightened. Installation instructions come with the kits.

How to cut off the screw to proper length for your grip:

Assemble the finished grips on your gun, using the screw you wish to cut to length. Measure how much of the screw projects beyond the brass nut. A toothpick held along the projecting screw tip can be marked with a sharp pencil at the end of the screw. Remove the screw, and hold the toothpick at the threaded end of the screw to measure how much to snip off. Mark the screw with a marker pen or wrap a piece of tape precisely around the portion to be cut off.

To avoid losing the cut-off screw, first push it through a good sized piece of cardboard or tape the head portion to a large piece of scrap paper. This will make it easy to find the cut-off screw if it trys to flip away on the final cut. You don’t want to hold the screw by the threads you will be using, only by the part you intend to cut off and discard.

Clamp the screw by its threaded tip (the portion to be cut off) in a vise. Use a fine-blade (42+ teeth/inch) saw or a thin bonded abrasive cut-off wheel in a Dremel or Moto-tool to cut through the screw. Leave at least one extra thread beyond what you actually need. This will allow you to sand or fine the tip to remove any thread damage and produce a “lead in” angle on the screw tip. File, sand, or grind the tip of the screw with a fine abrasive wheel, sanding belt, sandpaper wrapped around a flat stick, or a fingernail sanding stick, to remove the damaged last thread. Apply a gentle bevel at the screw end. Your screw should now fit easily by hand into the brass nut and only project slightly from it with the grips secured.

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