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Grip kit for the Russian "Nagant" gas-seal revolver...

Nagant revolver These kits are different because they consist of three parts, and include two short screws which enter the backside of each grip panel and hold the panel to the gun frame (on the right side) or the removable sideplate (on the left side). The spacer piece secures to the removable sideplate, but it uses the screw that comes with the gun because the threads are cut in the sideplate hole itself. Other than sanding the spacer to a good fit, and possibly filing the spacer screw hole slightly to allow the spacer to move up or down a bit for exact fit to a particular gun, there should not be a lot of work to do in order to make these grips fit your gun.

Please note that to remove the left grip, you only need to remove the side plate (one screw on the right side of the frame secures the panel) and then unscrew the grip from the inside. To remove the right grip, you will need to remove the mainspring (combined hammer and trigger v-shaped leaf spring). The spring has a projection that fits into the frame just under the "V" portion of the spring. It is what keeps the spring in position at the rear. The lower arm fits into a notch in the trigger, and the upper arm flexes under the lower surface of the hammer. The trigger guard is held in position by a screw at the top front. If you loosen this screw, you can swing the trigger guard downward and provide some room to move the trigger and spring. But to actually remove the spring, grasp it with the thumb and forefinger of both hands and squeeze it slightly, then lift up at the rear or V to pull the projection from the frame, and move the spring to the rear to free it. Wear safety goggles just in case! The spring doesn't move very far and it isn't all that difficult to pinch closed, but don't use tools! You do not want to scratch the spring.

If you would like to have a set of grips expertly fitted to your Nagant, Rob Reiding offers the service at a nominal price. To get pricing, contact information, details, and see pictures of his work, visit Blue Condor web site. If you order grips especially for fitting by Rob, you can use the "note" to indicate what size and depth of screw holes might be made, whether to leave the grips without screw mounting hardware, or other special preparation.


Nagant 1895 Checkered, 1917 (138b) Nagant 1895 Checkered, 1917 (138b)
Code: Nagant_138b
Price: $68.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Nagant Smooth Large (138e) Nagant Smooth Large (138e)
Code: Nagant_138e
Price: $68.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Nagant Smooth (138f) Nagant Smooth (138f)
Code: Nagant_138f
Price: $68.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Nagant  1895 Checkered, 1938  (84d) Nagant 1895 Checkered, 1938 (84d)
Code: Nagant_84d
Price: $68.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Nagant with oversize grips and small Texas star Nagant with oversize grips and small Texas star Nagant with oversize grips and small Texas star Nagant with oversize grips and small Texas star
Dave Corbin
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