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EAA Bounty Hunter O/S (155d)
EAA Bounty Hunter O/S (155d) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: EAA_155d
Price: $68.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Select SOLID color ($10). Natural Ivory is no extra cost. For pearl effects, use PEARL option instead (Ivory = default)

Translucent/Pearl ($16 option). Do NOT select both SOLID and PEARL. (Pearl over-rides solid color choice)

Screw Kit Options:
Yes, install the screw kit
No, just send screw kit uninstalled
Add a medallion ($14/pr):
Are you sending a tracing?:
YES! I want to assure proper size/shape. Tombstone is responsible for fit to tracing. Tracing will show hole pattern. **************************************
NO. I will be responsible if I choose the wrong size grip. I will measure my gun and compare to the listed specs. If I order a grip that is the wrong size or shape, I agree that it is NOT returnable. *****************************************************
I already mailed a tracing BEFORE I placed this order.
Optional note:
This is an extended, oversized version of the European American Armory Bounty Hunter. It is large enough so you can sand the edges to fit almost any version of the gun's grips, and has an extended base with spacer. It also comes with two internal spacers to help secure the grip against the inside of the frame, making this a 5-piece kit with screw mount.

If you want the screw kit installed (holes drilled, etc.) then be sure to send a tracing that has the hole location indicated accurately. Otherwise I will install the screws in the default location, indicated below in the list of dimensions.

However, the grips can be sent without screw holes, so that if you want to use them for a gun with removable backstrap and make them into a 1-piece kit, you can just opt to have the screw kit "left out". I will send the grips in that case without holes and with a thick set of spacers for the screw area. I will also include a screw kit, not installed, in case you change your mind and want to do it yourself.

Spacer The extension spacer is 0.6-inches tall, adding this much more grip room below the actual gun frame. The dimensions are:
  • Front edge length = 1.12 inches
  • Overall height = 3.8 inches
  • Base width = 2.5 inches
  • Center of front edge to rear edge = 1.7 inches
  • Width of top flat = 1.0 inches
  • Height of screw hole center (default) = 1.8 inches
  • Width across screw hole center = 1.6 inches
  • Hole center to back edge = 0.8 inches
  • Narrowest distance across curved "neck" = 1.45 inches
  • Thickness at top = 0.41 inches
  • Thickness near base = 0.63 inches
  • Height of spacer = 0.60 inches
  • Thickness of spacer as sent = 0.5 inches
Bounty Hunter Oversize
To assemble the grip, you would first file or sand the outline to fit your gun frame, then epoxy glue the base spacer and the optional screw area spacers in place to secure the grips from moving when the screw is tightened. The spacers bear on the inside of the grip frame to eliminate movement. The original grips have two screw area spacers and two halves of the base spacer as part of the wooden grip, but to make the fitting go more quickly, I provide a single base spacer which you attach to only one grip panel. You can use both glue and 3/16 pins if you wish, for extra strength. The holes in the spacer act as extra glue areas and don't need to be used for screws or pins. But they can be used that way if you wish.

The screw area spacers on the original gun guided a short internally threaded steel tube, into which two separate grip screws threaded. Instead of that arrangement, I provide a single high strength stainless steel screw and two brass fittings (press-fit nut and press-fit ferrule) through which the screw passes (assuming you leave the "install mounting screw" option checked, above. The two spacers are to be positioned so they bear against the rear inside frame and hold the grip in position, along with the square top and front edge bearing against the frame, and the spacer bearing against the bottom of the frame. You will sand the base spacer and base of the grips so they blend together when the grip has been fitted and assembled. You can do this with the grip mounted on the gun.

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Dave Corbin
Stock items (medallions, screws, specials) usually ship within 10 days.
I can't promise a specific ship date, as it will vary with circumstances.
Depending on the time of year and number of orders pending, average time to finish a grip order is 30 to 90 days. That's average, not a guarentee. They are all individually made to your specific order.

If you do not have time to wait then you may want to consider not ordering. I can only produce quality grips if I take the time necessary to finish your order

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