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Uberti Cattleman Gunfighter Stag (90c)
Uberti Cattleman Gunfighter Stag (90c) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: Colt_90c
Price: $65.00
Shipping Weight: 0.20 pounds
Select color (Natural or Aged recommended):
Natural ivory
Aged ivory ($10)
Extra Aged ($10)
Add a medallion ($14/pr):
Select mounting style:
1-piece kit w/spacer
2 panels w/screw
Are you sending a tracing?:
YES! I want to assure proper size/shape. Tombstone is responsible for fit to tracing. Tracing will show hole pattern. **************************************
NO. I will be responsible if I choose the wrong size grip. I will measure my gun and compare to the listed specs. If I order a grip that is the wrong size or shape, I agree that it is NOT returnable. *****************************************************
I already mailed a tracing BEFORE I placed this order.
Optional note:
This set of grips is for the Uberti Cattleman copy of the Colt Peacemaker 1873 Model P -- but, as with most clones, the grip shape and size is unique. Be SURE to measure your gun, and compare. Or send a good tracing. If you want screw mounting, send a tracing that indicates the screw hole location on your particular gun.

The normal or default version is a 3-part kit to make a 1-piece style grip. It has two panels and a spacer, which you epoxy glue together, after fitting to your gun. If you check the option for having a 2-piece screw mount kit, then instead you get a screw mounting kit installed where your tracing indicates, and two panels.

size diagram
  • Front edge length (A) = 0.9 inches
  • Overall height (B) = 3.3 inches
  • Width of base (C) = 2.5 inches
  • Center of front edge to rear edge (D) = 2.0 inch
  • Top flat length = 1.4 inch

Note that screw hole location is not specified: you need to send a diagram to tell me where to put it for your gun. If you don't I will have to install the screw where it normally would go on a Colt 3rd generation model SAA 1873 revolver, which probably will work. Probably... feel like gambling? I'd rather bet on a sure thing with your tracing.

3 part kit for a 1-piece grip

Someone once got all twisted out of shape because they ordered the screw mount version and got -- you guessed it! -- the screw mount version! Their ire was directed at the lack of a spacer, which of course is not used or needed for the screw mounted grips. They index at the top and front, and on a frame pin. I think that the problem was this particular gun was built for a 1-piece grip, and did not have a grip alignment pin sticking out of the lower frame. (Easy fix: mark where the inside of the frame is on the grip back, drill a shallow hole and tap in a short pin or a little screw so the head bears on the ID of the frame.)

But the point is, be sure to order what you actually need for your particular gun. If the frame does not unscrew next to the hammer and at the base, you can't put a 1-piece grip on it. Ruger single actions are a good example: they have solid frames. Older Colt peacemakers and some modern clones have the removable backstrap, and can be used with either kind of grip. Some modern frames have a hole for an alignment pin, but not pin, and others have none. If you want both the screw and the spacer, just say so. I am glad to send one free even if your grip really doesn't need it, provided I can put it with the grips when they are shipped...don't call for a free spacer a month later! I'll have to ask for some shipping at the least, in that case.

Some of these comments may seem ridiculous to intelligent readers, and probably they are, but you would be absolutely amazed at how often people simply do not read what they are ordering, make assumptions that are not based on reality, or completely ignore the very thing that would have solved their problem. Then they get mad because they ordered the wrong thing.

There is no problem in sending an item back, even if it was ordered by mistake, so long as it is understood that shipping is real cost, and I need to cover it to stay in business. When I make a mistake, I take the loss. When you make a mistake, you don't have to take the full loss, just a little penalty in shipping it back and covering the shipping to you for the correct replacement. Seems fair considering that all the time and material which went into making the incorrectly-ordered item is now tied up in that return. Unless and until it sells at a discount to someone else, it represents a loss of actual money, and I can't do that very long or often and stay in business. No one can.

That's why I only take orders on this webstore, so people ordering a good opportunity to read what they are getting, to measure and compare, and not to order a 2.0 inch grip to fit on their 2.25 inch gun frame. (Going the other way isn't much of a problem as the material is easy to file, sand, and polish.)

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Dave Corbin Please Note: I make all the grips by hand and receive so many orders that custom made grip delivery takes an average 45-60 days.
Stock items (medallions, screws, specials) usually ship within 10 days.
I can't promise a specific ship date, as it will vary with circumstances.
If you can't wait, please don't order! I'm working as fast as possible.

Be SURE to read the TERMS of SALE page, so you KNOW what you are getting.

Always compare listed measurements OR send a tracing of original grip or gun frame.
Do NOT order just by description, since the same model and make can vary in actual size and shape of grip frame! Do NOT send your original grips or gun!

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