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Blank, 4.4 x 0.7 x 0.25, Pair (43e)
Blank, 4.4 x 0.7 x 0.25, Pair  (43e) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: Blank_43e
Price: $5.00
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
Select SOLID color ($10). Natural Ivory is no extra cost. For pearl effects, use PEARL option instead (Ivory = default)

Translucent/Pearl ($16 option). Do NOT select both SOLID and PEARL. (Pearl over-rides solid color choice)

Optional note:
Pair of blanks Pair of blanks This long, narrow blank is handy for making certain knife scales, carving handles for letter openers, and for making models, carved crafts, etc. I provide it in sets of two, since most people want a pair and honestly, it isn't worth the trouble to make just one without increasing the cost. You'd be paying for two anyway, might as well get them!

Because of the low cost of the item, it makes sense to wait until you need other items and order them together. All items ordered at one time are shipped for the same flat rate price, which, unfortunately is more than the cost of some of the smaller items. Yes, it would cost less with 1st class mail, but I can't track it, provide insurance, or guarantee 2-3 day delivery as I can with priority mail. Also, the post office doesn't have on-line "Click-n-ship" options for 1st class mail, which is how I manage to get all the shipping processed quickly by myself (hiring help would mean raising prices -- gotta do what works best for the vast majority of clients). I'm sorry about the shipping cost on small items, but priority mail is the best and lowest cost way I can provide all the necessary services and security for the vast majority of orders.

If you would like pearl effects or special solid colors, there is NO additional charge for more than one blank. That is, I'll mix up the special batch in your color, but if you need several of these blanks in the same color, there is only ONE charge, not one for each.

If you get several colors, then I have to mix up a small batch for each of them, so each separate color or effect would have a separate color or pearl effect cost. Unfortunately the store software doesn't have a way to figure that out because it's an exception not predicted in the program...SO... if you use a credit card, I'll adjust the total myself and only charge what it should be, not what the invoice will add up to.

If you want to send a check or money order, wait until I read the order and adjust it, and email you with the right total. (Be sure your email is accurate: sometimes people mis-type their email and I don't know that you didn't get my email reply -- if you don't get a message within a few days, assume I tried and it didn't work, and send me a message by regular email.)

If you use PayPal, well, sorry, but PayPal charges you immediately based on the calculated total. It's not me. It's how the service works. So in that case, I will need to send you a partial refund via PayPal. Not a very elegant solution, but it works.

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Dave Corbin
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