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Welcome to Tombstone Gun Grip Kits
secure on-line store!
Tombstone Gun Grip Kits supplies blocks, blanks, and generic shapes, plus mounting screws and hardware, for people who make gun grips.

The material is high strength custom-made polyurethane simulating a vast array of more natural materials. It is a high strength, heat and solvent resistant epoxy that you can cut, carve, checker, sand and polish to perfection! It is custom made for each order in Tombstone's private polymer lab.

The blanks, blocks, and generic shapes are NOT grips: they are the materials from which YOU can make grips.

You can specify either solid colors such as ivory, aged ivory, ebony, pure white, or any color of the rainbow, or you can order from an assortment of translucent effects such as shades of pearl, jade, opal, and simulated exotic wood burls.

The Tombstone material can be sawed, filed, sanded, polished, checkered and carved more easily than wood. It has no grain to deflect your carving blade, nor to split out from checkering. It is very tough yet easy to work.

The material is not brittle like injection molded plastic. It is more impact resistant and takes a nice polish with a buffing wheel or ordinary automotive finish wet and dry abrasive paper. A hard wax finish preserves the shine. The material is resistant to solvents like acetone, alcohol, and most bore cleaners and gun oils.
Daewoo DH-380 w/cappuccino pearl grips Aged ivory block generic blank shape, 1911 Colt style Colt Woodsman, amber
Mounting screw kits I am temporarily restricting the business to blanks, blocks, generic shapes, spacers and hardware in order to have enough time to take care of my wife, who has developed severe dementia, requiring around the clock care.

At some point I plan to either begin making grips again, or selling the business and teaching the new owner about the grip making process. If you are interested in a pleasant home-based business please contact me.

I enjoy this business and the only reason I would sell is to let me spend more time with my wife, in the time she has left. It has been doing well for more than 20 years, and could do even better with time to handle the orders more quickly. generic blank shape, S A A Colt style

For bank card payment, please E-Mail the VCC2 number on the back of your card along with the order number. That will help assure your security and make certain that the order was actually placed by you.

Just E-Mail the 3 or 4 digit code along with the order number to When your grips are ready, I will then process the payment with your card. The web store does not automatically charge your card. I do that manually on a secure terminal. I will need the CCV2 number to complete and ship your order.

The card proessing center adds 3.5% for bank card processing. A check or money order saves this processing fee on the order total.

Before you order, PLEASE READ to make sure you understand what you are getting:
  1. These are blocks, blanks, and generic shapes (kits) made for gunsmiths and individuals who do grip making. All grip kits are custom made to your order for color or special effects. They are not grips. They are the materials from which you make the grips, and hardware for mounting them.

    1910 Browning .32 with ivory grips

  2. COMPARE the dimensions listed with your gun's dimensions. Order a large enough block, blank, or generic shape to allow for sanding and fitting.

  3. Except for color, the items are exactly what you see in the listing They are cast in molds, so I cannot change the dimensions at will.

    Nagant gas-seal revolver, ivory
  4. You can select ANY of the colors and effects from the drop down menu. Don't select both solid and translucent colors at the same time. Select one or the other. If you do select both I will assume you want the translucent/pearl effect and will ignore the solid option.

  5. IMPORTANT! Your bank card statement will show "CORBIN Mfg", not "Tombstone Gun Grips".

    Browning Hi-power P35 with cranberry pearl grips I use the highly secure manual card processing terminal at my tool manufacturing business. If you use a bank card for payment, please remember that "Corbin Manufacturing" is the same as "Tombstone Gun Grips", and the amount shown is what you ordered from Tombstone.

  6. Please place orders ONLY on this webstore. I will answer letters, e-mails and faxes if you provide a valid return e-mail or fax number. My email is

  7. Everything I can make is shown here. If it isn't listed, I don't have a way to make it yet.

  8. I do not have any other screws than those you see listed. I do not carry factory original screws for specific guns, although some of the ones I list are indicated for certain models.

H&R top break w/extended bird's head grip kiy Great Western Single Action 1-pc kit Great Western Single Action 1-pc kit
Staghorn grips mounted by Tom Gardner

If you are in a hurry, please check the "Specials" page for grips in stock. Those are grips already made, finished, and just waiting for you to order so I can ship asap! Also, the fastest material to make are natural ivory color or the pure white color.

Merwin-Hulbert .38 S&W w/aged ivory The description refers to the COLOR and not the material. All material is made of polyurethane epoxy, not pearl, ivory, gold, wood, etc. You can select ANY of the colors, or ANY of the various special effects such as amber, pearl, metallic shades, etc., from the drop-down menu on each order page.

Colt Police Positive with ivory grips

Most grips require sawing, filing, sanding, and some require routing on the back with a Dremel tool. Some require mounting holes. The material can be drilled and cut with the same kind of bits that work with metal or wood. It is not abrasive or particularly fragile.

Please select the category of item, on the left column.

You can browse and view items at will, click "add to shopping cart" or "buy now", or click the small image to see a full page about the item, with details and options.

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Manufacturers are invited to contact for quantity pricing.
Dave Corbin
Stock items (medallions, screws, specials) usually ship within 10 days.
I can't promise a specific ship date, as it will vary with circumstances.
If you can't wait, please don't order! I'm working as fast as possible.

Be SURE to read the TERMS of SALE page, so you KNOW what you are getting.

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