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Ruger Universal 22 Auto Stag (109e)
Ruger Universal 22 Auto Stag (109e) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: Ruger_109e
Price: $75.00
Shipping Weight: 0.20 pounds
Add a medallion ($14/pr):
Select color (Natural or Aged recommended):
Natural ivory
Aged ivory ($10)
Extra Aged ($10)
Select Model:
No holes or slots:
Mark I or Std Pre-72
Mark I or Std Post-72
Mark II
Mark III
Are you sending a tracing?:
YES! I want to assure proper size/shape. Tombstone is responsible for fit to tracing. Tracing will show hole pattern. **************************************
NO. I will be responsible if I choose the wrong size grip. I will measure my gun and compare to the listed specs. If I order a grip that is the wrong size or shape, I agree that it is NOT returnable. *****************************************************
I already mailed a tracing BEFORE I placed this order.
Optional note:
Drill screw holes? (Send tracing for location):
Yes, drill holes (be sure to send accurate pattern for location)
No, do not drill the screw holes (be SURE you really want this option!)
This is a simulated staghorn grip which will fit all of the metal-framed 22 Ruger autos including the Standard and Mark I (pre-72), Standard and Mark I (post-72), Mark II, and Mark III models depending on your selection above. The grip shown is just one version and is not necessarily the same hole pattern as you will order. It is for illustration of the staghorn effect only.

The difference is hole location, location of magazine clearance groove, and control clearance notches in the left top grip for Mark II/III models (and magazine button clearance for Mark III). The same grips can also be ordered without any holes or slots, and you can then make your own holes and notches to fit any of the Ruger 22 Autos.

The hole spacing is a very good way to tell what model of Ruger 22 Auto you have. Here's a table that may help:
Model R Grip Hole Spacing L Grip Hole Spacing R Top Hole Ctr from top L Bottom Hole from Base
Pre '71 Mk I 2.75-in 2.95-in 0.6-in 0.4-in
Post '71 Mk I 2.95-in 2.56-in 0.8-in 0.8-in
Mark II/III 2.75-in 2.56-in 0.75-in 0.8-in

Please Note:
I will send you grips with the hole pattern and backside clearance slots for the model you select, BUT if you want to make a pencil tracing around your existing grips, clearly marking the hole locations and indicating the location of the magazine clearance groove, and mail (not fax or email) that actual tracing to me (not a photocopy or picture), then in that case I can make the holes and grooves as indicated on your tracing even if it isn't what you selected.

Some folks prefer that I check out the tracing and send whatever matches it rather than determining for themselves which grip they need. Please bear in mind that there are transitional guns made in the 1971-1972 time frame which may not follow the Pre-72 or Post-72 "rules". As with most manufacturers, the inventory of parts and guns not yet shipped doesn't suddently and magically change on some date selected by the writers of gun books. Most firearms manufacturers have continued to use older inventory past the date a change was introduced. Usually there are guns which are "made" in an earlier time but not officially serialized and shipped out of the factory until after the date when some change was supposedly made in all of that model.

This means you might have a "Post-72" model that actually uses a frame and grips that should be called "Pre-72". Do not assume anything based on when you think the gun was made or when you bought it. Measure the hole location and compare to the chart. Or make an accurate tracing and send it to me so I can see what you have.

Most of the 22/45 polymer framed Ruger 22's do NOT have actual grip panels or any way to put separate grip panels on the gun. What looks like screws and separate panels is just a molded image in the plastic frame. Do not try to unscrew the screws that are black plastic images!

Ruger started making separate, replaceable panels for later model 22/45 polymer framed guns in a few models of the Mark III version recently. I do not yet have a mold made for these. Eventually I will and you'll see it here as soon as I do. Most of the 22/45 Mark III's and all of the 22/45 Mark II's do NOT have removable grips.

Quick test: hold a small magnet up to the screw. If you feel the magnet pull on the screw, it is steel and is probably removable. If you don't feel any pull, it is probably plastic and is just a molded image made to look like a screw (and it will mess up the gun's appearance if you try to twist a screwdriver in the fake slot). With Mark I Pre-72 mounting holes

Dave Corbin
Stock items (medallions, screws, specials) usually ship within 10 days.
I can't promise a specific ship date, as it will vary with circumstances.
If you can't wait, please don't order! I'm working as fast as possible.

Be SURE to read the TERMS of SALE page, so you KNOW what you are getting.

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