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Tombstone Gun Grip Kits and Supplies

Make your own beautiful grips with Tombstone kits, blanks and hardware!
Download Kit Fit/Finish Instructions. (Important info!)

Examples of gun grips made using Tombstone kits and materials:
Daewoo DH380 in Cappuccino Pearl Browning Hi-Power in White Pearl Merwin & Hulbert in Aged Ivory
Colt Police Positive Special in Aged Ivory screw kit screw kit
Universal mounting screw kits including press-fit brass ferrule and nut, plus slotted fillister head screw of select length, in 2-56, 4-40, and 5-40 thread sizes! Available in singles, packages of 5 or 50 sets. Wide range of screw lengths, extra screws (also available in bulk lots for grip makers, gunsmiths, handgun manufacturers).

Please read the Terms of Sale before ordering!

This will answer all your questions about the material, the delivery time, and other very important considerations that you need to know BEFORE you order.

Grip Kit Info

  • Kits for Gunsmiths & Hobbyists

  • Select colors, pearl effects, medallion choices

  • Easy to saw, file, carve, sand and polish

  • Better fits because YOU fit them!

  • All material is tough epoxy resin

  • Stronger than wood or injection molded plastics

  • Handles up to 400-deg F without melting

  • Choose from many sizes of blanks

  • Make grips for rare, unusual guns

  • Universal mounting hardware


You can own Tombstone Gun Grips for a fraction of just the mold value alone! A profitable web business for over 20 years, Tombstone was a weekend hobby intended as a retirement business. Health issues prevent this now, but you can operate it as a part or full time business and potentially recover your entire investment within about half a year! The business is on hold and not taking new orders, but everything including over 155 molds averaging 2 grips per mold is packaged, labeled and ready to be shipped or picked up. Requires only standard 115v power and about half a one-car garage space!

If you are a serious potential buyer, please call 541-864-0428 right away. The molds alone, at about $100 per mold, would be worth over $15,500 by themselves, not including machine tools, inventory, screw kits and medallions, or 20 years of work producing the cross referenced indexes and grip model library (each grip has a master sample in a file with code matching the grip location and catalog number, plus jpeg images in large and small size). Imagine the hundreds of hours of work you are getting with this business just building such a detailed cross reference and sample library!

If you buy now, the Miva Merchant web store can be switched to your name and ownership as well, linked to your business bank account (or you can open one just for it) and to your PayPal account (or the existing PP account can be transferred to you). Fixed overhead is about $170 a month, including e-commerce store, a fraction of what one weekend's sales can produce in net profit. But if you wait too long I will have to close the store and you'll have to build your own. It is only in suspended operation at this point.

For more details you can email You would need to either come to White City, OR 97503 to pick up the machinery, supplies, and inventory yourself (an 8-ft trailer or U-Haul truck will hold everything) or arrange for shipment by truck at cost. Don't let this opportunity slip away!

Read terms, then see pricing:
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To my thousands of Tombstone customers over the years, THANK YOU for your repeat orders! You've proven that shooters are clever enough to save money by doing a little fitting and finishing, getting a better fit than factory mass production tolerances.
- Dave Corbin